Can You Require Anything From Your SaaS Vendor?

Man in suit standing beside a laptop that says SAAS

SaaS vendors are just like any business you know: they provide a specific set of services to a specific market. To be more precise, SaaS vendors provide you a way to digitize your tasks or your entire business by sending everything to the cloud. At this point, if you are considering a Software-as-a-Service vendor, you are probably thinking of subscribing to more than one SaaS provider to accommodate particular business needs. The future does revolve around technology, more and more, so the sooner you adapt, the better. With SaaS management, you can be on top of your contracts and renewals, but that service agreement isn’t the only thing that makes a partnership work.

Being Upfront About Their Responsibilities

AWS, Salesforce, and other international SaaS vendors don’t have less of a responsibility to reassure their customers of the intricacies of the services they provide, despite their established reputation. You should always require them to be upfront about their duties and obligations to you. There are responsibilities that are clearly part of the vendors’ service to their clients, including solidifying a strong sense of security and clearing SLA terms.

You may get more flexibility with local vendors since they’re still establishing their credentials. Don’t hesitate to ask, because some vendors take pride in their ability to adapt their service to a customer’s needs. Even a little wiggle room in the subscription rates, for instance, like AWS introduced at the end of last year, is a massive benefit for you.

Getting SaaS Because You Need SaaS

If you haven’t looked at SaaS vendors, you really should. It’s not a “big business thing” anymore. Small businesses have a friend in SaaS. You just need to find the right vendor and implement a proper management structure.

On another note, you have a responsibility to protect your SaaS subscription, as well. Earmarking a security budget will ensure that you don’t spend too much on software security, but you will erect a proper stone wall against third-party software or even attacks through the SaaS vendor.

You always have an option when buying a SaaS subscription, and you don’t have to shoulder everything. If you have a certain need, don’t hesitate to ask if the vendor can tailor their services to meet this need.

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