Different Types of Cloud Computing Services Available Today

Man pointing to the cloud services information

Cloud services offer an excellent way for entrepreneurs to drive their business to the right direction. Whether you are struggling with access to data, productivity or anything else, these services can provide the solution you need. There are different types of cloud computing services employed either individually or as a combination, depending on the user’s requirements and the data they are working with.

QWERTY Concepts, Inc. shares information about the three main types of cloud computing services available in New Jersey and other areas.


Built and tailored to meet the unique needs of a company, private cloud services are more likely to be used by larger corporations with the budget and IT expertise to run a private network. Private cloud services offer strict security, more privacy, and a higher degree of control over applications and data management.

In addition, they provide capability, flexibility, monitoring, provision, and automation. However, they require customization, are more expensive than public ones, and take longer to set up and utilize.


Public cloud services are ideal for small businesses with smaller IT budgets. They are flexible, affordable, and allow for greater availability and access to different networks that otherwise would not have been available to other small companies.


These combine the aspects of public and private cloud. Organizations using a hybrid approach can maintain control of a private cloud managed internally while relying on the public cloud as required. A hybrid cloud also offers greater flexibility and tighter security than public clouds.

No matter what your IT needs are, you can find a suitable type of cloud service. The best type of cloud computing will depend on your business’s in-house IT expertise, the level of security your organization requires, and the type of application you would like to access.