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Why Hesstech?

Proper electronic recycling for end-of-life IT assets

Trust your equipment to be handled securely and safely by an industry leader and e-Stewards founder. Hesstech is committed to the highest standard for globally responsible electronics recycling and refurbishment.

Advantages of selecting Hesstech

Recovering maximum value from your retired electronics

Reusable Equipment
For over 14 years we’ve developed strong relationships with customers who retire equipment and domestic and international wholesale and retail buyers. We bridge your access to these markets guaranteeing the highest cash returns for your reusable equipment. We are unique because we share this information with you so you understand who is buying your retired assets and where they may end up.

Recyclable Equipment
Record high commodity markets and advancements in domestic shredding technology allow us to recover more value from your obsolete assets which means we often pay for scrap electronics. This also helps keep jobs in America! We assure non-working equipment is shredded domestically and can tell you where every ounce of metal is recovered as a raw material commodity. We use only environmentally sound downstream partners which eliminates any risk of improper disposal.

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