If You Follow These 4 Tips, You Prevent Fleet Accidents

Commercial vans at a parking lot

When you are operating a fleet, there is always a risk that one of the cars in the group get in an accident. However, even a minor infraction in such a competitive industry can already have devastating consequences. This is why you should take steps to protect the company’s fleet against this very real possibility. The following steps will be able to help you do this:

Use Speed Guns

Speeds guns are tools that measure how fast a vehicle is running. A radar speed gun will be able to do this by releasing radar waves and estimate the speed once the beam bounces back from the vehicle. You may want to put it randomly on the routes to ensure that there is a strict adherence to the prescribed speed.

Ensure Complete Driver Training

Drivers’ training is an important component of running a fleet. Basic knowledge might not be enough. Go for a comprehensive program so that your drivers will fully knowledgeable and competent.

Strict Ban of Alcohol and Drugs

Emphasize among your drivers that you are not going to tolerate the use of drugs and alcohol while on duty. Otherwise, you may fire them as they will be endangering the lives of people and the property of the company. It’s part of being a good manager and leader.

Invest on Regular Maintenance

A lot of accidents happen because of damaged parts of the vehicle. Investing in the regular maintenance of the vehicles will mean that there will be lesser risks of spending on the actual accident damages.

Avoiding an accident for any of the members of your fleet is not only a safety and security issue but also an economic one. Without accidents, you are shedding off the possibility of spending on replacement and repairs.

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