Is Working from Home a Good Option for You?

Work from home

Most of us dream of working from the comfort of our homes without dealing with the daily commute and a nagging boss, but have you considered the other implications aside from not having to wake up early to beat traffic?

Working Class

Those who plan to work from home should first think if they have the necessary equipment. While a perfectly arranged home office serves as the obvious choice, your productivity will largely depend on your choice of resources.

A high-speed Internet connection should be one of your priorities, whether you work as a freelancer or you are lucky enough that your employer granted the privilege of working from home.

If you need to get in touch with clients regularly, communications expert SIP.US recommends a more convenient communication line such as a VoIP trunk with SIP protocol is a good choice.

In this age of social media, you are likely to check Facebook or Twitter since no prying eyes prevent you from doing so. This affects your productivity, so one way to resolve this involves using apps or browser plugins that restrict you from checking these sites now and then.

Other Challenges

If you have decided to take on working from home as a freelance or self-employed individual, certain implications go beyond having a home office. Taxes may be different from when you were on a payroll.

Before declaring home office and business expenses to your taxes, check the Internal Revenue Service provides two guidelines on what constitutes a home office. Finally, take note that home-based workers need preparation for handling the stress of their jobs and domestic matters at the same time.


Work from home presents a good opportunity for those that want a different scenario for work and life balance. However, you need to be sure that you are diligent and trustworthy enough to deliver results even when under minimal to no supervision at all.