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Lifecycle Management

There are many models for managing the lifecycle of electronic equipment, ranging from 100 percent in-house to all or partial outsourcing for services. Here's our elevator speech…

The lifecycle of electronic products can typically be separated into three components:

        1. Procurement & Deployment
        2. Customer Use
        3. Retirement

Hesstech specializes in retirement.  We assure custody control from the moment a unit is removed from the desk until it is repurposed for reuse or decommissioned and destroyed. Our services provide complete visibility into all aspects of the retirement process. To accomplish complete visibility throughout the entire lifecycle Hesstech can work with your internal IT staff, current vendor or Hesstech service affiliate to integrate data associated with the procurement and use of equipment within Hesstech's STAR System.  Data integration and centralization will reveal important purchasing and financial information making it easier for customers to analyze data, forecast capital expenditures and determine the cost of maintenance and other components of the asset’s lifecycle.


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