Mobile User Experience: What All the Fuss Is About

a woman using a mobile app in a smartphone

Mobile apps are making a lot of people’s lives much easier than before — from banking apps and grocery apps to budgeting apps among many, many others. Creating an exceptional user experience (UX) is critical to the success of a mobile app. It defines how a mobile app would work and feel from the perspective of users. It’s just as vital to the user interface (UI). Below are some of the most compelling reasons to prioritize UX when building your company’s mobile app, according to

Enhanced Brand Value

Say a user loves your app. That user would recommend your app to other people. And those people, in turn, would recommend it to more people and so on. When giving your users exactly what they like, want, and need, you’re certainly going to get more customers and in turn, increase your brand value.

Increased Loyalty

Did you know that according to surveys, 52% of users are less likely to patronize or engage with a brand if it offers an awful mobile experience? You wouldn’t want to use a bad-functioning mobile app, would you? In the same vein, if your mobile app has errors, bugs, and is difficult to use, you won’t get the chance to develop lasting relationships with customers. However, if you give them the best UX possible, you increase your customer base and keep their loyalty.

An Edge Over Your Competition

Make sure that your app delivers benefits and features that your competitors’ apps lack. Likewise, take note that when users switch from desktop to their mobile app, they expect more. Your app should deliver. This means that the content and functionality of your app should be in line with who you’re targeting.

Reduced Support Costs

Let’s say your app might offer everything that your customers are looking for. There still might be times that customers struggle with the simplest issues. You must provide all the details of your mobile app to guide your clients. This would possibly reduce costs for your support devices.

You’re serious about providing the best UX for your customers. It’s imperative that you think about questions such as who your target users are. What exactly are they looking for in an app? How do they want to feel when using your app and what do you expect from them?

Put yourselves in your target users’ shoes. Create the best user experience that would encourage and inspire conversions, brand loyalty, and overall user satisfaction.